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A lower denture is no ones friend. Even good lower dentures most likely will have some movement and or may need continued use of adhesive. For patients who are having continued trouble with their lower denture, Bite Rite Dental Lab can make your patient an implant denture. To learn more about our implant-supported and removable denture laboratory, contact our Fort Worth laboratory today.

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How Do Implants Help Your Patients?

Implants placed in the jaws help improve your patients lives. Placing a minimum of two implants in a lower arch will help improve:

  • Stability
  • Retention
  • Increased Bite Force
  • Function
  • Security and a piece of mind

If you are restoring the maxillary arch – our recommendation is to proceed with a Fixed Hybrid, described here. (Link to All on Four) However, there are other methods to restoring the maxillary arch:

  • Bar with Swiss Lock
  • Milled bar with locator attachments – done when implants are angled more then 40 degrees from the other
  • 4 -6 single unit locator abutments

Benefits of implants placed in the maxilla offer the same benefits as on the lower, but you can achieve a palate less denture!

Quality Implant Dentures

For all of our removable locator over dentures, we use fiber-force – a Kevlar material to help reinforce the acrylic. There are advantages over metal: the material has the same elasticity as acrylic, it is easily incorporated into the acrylic, works well with limited spacing, and it is highly esthetic.

Utilizing metal meshwork or latticework in over dentures, causes the dentures to be very purple and dark colored gums. Greater amount of space is needed as well.

Our Process

For locator dentures you have two options;

  • Option 1: Starting with impressions, and sending us the case for wax rims, followed by a try in, commencing with process and delivery. You can deliver the implant over denture just like you would with ordinary denture, just relieve a hole in the denture where the implant is, place the locator housings, then once the denture seats all the way, pick up the locator housings chair side. Trim, polish, and place clear, pink, or blue colored nylon inserts and you are done!
  • Option 2: You can pick up the position of the abutments with any of the implant manufactures impression copings with a VPS impression. We will place the analogs, pour up, make a final stone model, return it to you for wax rims, and try in. At delivery, we will provide you with housings already placed into the denture. You just need to choose the amount of retention, perform any adjustments as necessary and presto.

Swiss Lock or Any Bar

Make a final IMPLANT LEVEL impression with VPS. We will return a wax rim and a verification jig. All casts must be properly verified. Milled bars are very expensive. We will then proceed to a wax try in, then mill the bar, come back with a bar and a wax try in, then process and finish.

For your first case on an advanced set up we definitely recommend you call to speak to one of our lab technicians so we can walk you through the process. Communication is the best key to success.

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