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Multiple Partial Denture Options when Patients are Missing Multiple Teeth

Are you looking for a dental lab that can make more than just plain cast metal partial dentures? At Bite Rite Dental Lab - Dallas Fort Worth- we can make many types of partial dentures to fit your needs. Most importantly with excellent quality, all American made products, made in USA, in a timely matter. To learn more about our partial denture laboratory, contact our Fort Worth office today.

When to Use Partials

Partial Dentures are used when multiple teeth are missing. It is an excellent, timely, and cost effective way of replacing missing teeth. There are a number of types of partials available and modern partials now can be more "esthetic".

Types of Partial Dentures Available:

  • Traditional Cast Metal. This type of partial has been around for decades. With the partial being made out of a metal alloy, they can last much longer then modern nylon partials. They typically are more sturdy and rigid; however the price for this comes with decrease in esthetics. The metal is gray and can make teeth look dark or "stained" where the clasp wraps around the abutment. Our recommendation is to find out if your patient is esthetically driven or functionally oriented to help you make a selection.
  • Acrylic or Immediate Partials with metal clasps. AKA "Flippers" - Recommended for partial immediate tooth replacement when you have a surgery planned. Acrylic prosthesis are meant to only last a few months until the gums and bone can heal to begin impression for definitive restorations or final partials.
  • Valplast - Flexible Partial Denture. This is a modern Partial used to replace multiple teeth. Valplast is a nylon material that allows you to provide a metal free, more esthetic partial. The clasps are pink and mimic the gum tissue. Typically we expect Valplast to have a life of service of up to 5 years.
  • Clear Frame Partials- a new alternative to Valplast or Flexible partials. Benefits include a clear frame sub-structure with traditional "pink" acrylic and teeth placed over edentulous sections.

Please note when selecting a partial material, it is difficult to add teeth to Valplast or valplast like flexible materials. If you have a patient who may be losing a few teeth with in 5 years, it may be prudent to fabricate a metal partial. Also note, "Flexible" partials (ie. Valplast/ FRS/ and Clear Frame partials) clasps cannot be predictably adjusted.

Want to send us a Case?

What to send?

  • Final Impressions with no voids in area of clasp or rests. If alginate was used please pour up bubble free impressions within 12 minutes with the correct water - powder ratio.
  • Opposing Model
  • Bite
  • Design if desired and indicate that on the lab slip.

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