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All-on-4® denturesWhen replacing an entire mouth of teeth for your patients, it is important to have a systematic approach to eliminate error and to practice confidently. With Bite Rite Dental Lab making your hybrids, you can ensure that our lab technicians can help you along the way, and give you step-by-step guidance to ensure success. Our All-on-4® denture laboratory in Fort Worth works closely with you along each step of the way. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Materials


More and more patients and Doctors are requesting zirconia implant prosthetics due to their superior strength, predictability, and esthetics. Tired of acrylic denture teeth popping out, Zirconia hybrids are one piece, overlaid with porcelain and since they are one piece, there is nothing that can break. 

Acrylic - Titanium Hybrids

All of our hybrid bars are manufactured at Nobel Biocares ‘scanning and milling facility. Each bar is milled out of solid titanium and comes with a 5 year Nobel warranty. These bars are made in appropriate thickness and quality, and are the gold standard.

We utilize IVOCLAR’s IVOBASE denture acrylic to process our hybrid dentures. The IVOBASE acrylic is the strongest acrylic to date, allowing you confidence that your prosthesis will stand the test of time. Hybrid prosthesis must be able to accept higher bite forces than traditional denture acrylics. Thus we utilize only IVOBASE.

The Steps in the Process

To begin, you first need to take final impressions. We prefer open tray impression copings that are luted together with a GC pattern resin, Triad Gel, or some other similar material that has been sectioned and re-picked up. This ensures the copings will not move w/n the impression. Send the case to the lab so we can place the analogs, soft tissue, and pour up the stone model.

We will send back bite blocks/ and wax rims. We can provide a verification jig if requested, or you can set the patients temporary prosthesis on the model to verify. All final stone models need to be verified prior to scanning. With the temporary prosthesis removed, perform Maxillo-mandibular jaw relation records. Send the case back for a wax set up.

We will return the case to you with teeth set on the wax rims for a try in. Verify the esthetics, middling, vertical, and occlusion. Once perfect, we can now send the verified final impressions and the wax set up to be scanned at Nobel’s scanning facility. We will design the bar for you, and then transfer the teeth set up to the bar. If we are fabricating a zirconia prosthesis, we will then digitize the case, and then mill you a PMMA to try in and verify accuracy of the cast once again. 

Delivery- is the final step. If using multi unit abutments, the prosthetic screw is torque to 15ncm only. Important, only place 1 piece of Teflon tape, then fill with composite, smooth and polish and check the occlusion.

Protecting the Work

We always recommend making a night guard for your acrylic hybrid prosthesis. At delivery, take new impressions and a bite so that we can make you a night guard.


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